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Can I run my phpBB forum here?


Yes. TinyIB and MediaWiki work well too.


do they have r*les?




They always say CP is not allowed but usually they don't know.

I run my CP websites on their hostings.


It's not true. My CP website was deleted by them.


pretty rulecucked



There's censorship!


File: 1610757221892.jpg (57.56 KB, 500x636, 1590485323996.jpg)

Any "good" imageboards left on tor? I'm a noob


File: 1610758081691.jpg (151.02 KB, 1010x1010, kamala-harris-that-little-….jpg)

You think Biden actually had "relations" with Kamala when she was little?


I've always supported the Democratic Party since I'm a paedophile.


Everybody knows that Donald Trump raped many girls and women but they were older than the age of consent. And he gave money or something to them after he raped them.

Joe Biden never raped anybody but he sexually harassed many girls and female children.


Joe molested his daughter and her cousin. It was in her diary that leaked a couple months ago.


If that were the case, he wouldn't become president. He's going to receive an impeachment attempt for his dealings with China though.


the absolute state of lol ITT;


Can anyone hear offer me an escrow service for bitcoin. i want to buy bitcoins so i can buy drugs and won't have to get noticed with all the legal stuff on coinbase?


post time stamped pixs and ill do it


pics of what?





Why are you linking to an empty textboard with cunny on it?


to bait FOG into posting on it


File: 1610767631271.jpg (26.69 KB, 960x932, an-attempt-was-made.jpg)

An image board with no images.


File: 1610767999699.jpg (45.32 KB, 523x349, You_win_the_prize.jpg)

Someone send this to Maki for his attempt.


What does FOG stand for?


ill post on basically any dead board occasionally its not exactly baiting

i enjoy this one more



You're not fat.


im p heavy tbh even with a bit of weight lifting and running q chunky


Prove it post a nude pic of yourself so we can decide.


lol ill put this in my most visted notes doc

if i remember i promise ull get first scoop of this horribleness


Doesn't matter. You can be fat and exercise or be skinny and sedentary.


At least give us a dick pic as a tease.


Nah, he'll probably download a pic of a micropenis off the internet and claim it's his.


im limp as a slug and tiny as fuck not soft then slightlessly tiny har anyways
ive got kinda a dad fat bod between my molesty personality and love 4 younger women it all works out i guess..
hey im slightly above a microdick just slightly but hey


No need to be shy around us. You can always delete it later. We promise we won't save it.




More younger women are into older men than older women into younger men. You didn't gain anything, you just got older.

I've been told to lie about my age. "Hey, see how good it feels!". Submissive women tend to go for older men, so it's not a bad idea.


i have people talking about things about me from years ago and constructing theories

comically other than the times im clearly lying im actually mostly honest unless im trying to kill something then its full lies ahead this has been kinda normal for me at least sense the 8gag days tho i deeply enjoyed pitting small chans against each other and 4chins boards against each other

Im a very innocent person but im too drunk to get hard honey i never actually tested if these spoilers work i just went with ill lmao if they dont however i get painted in a bad brush of course there are my sins but they dont matter we re all human


Who are you?


i appreciate tho im always a debatable person if im considered too much after all im a gigantic faggot loser with a history of doing hilariously stupid shit but also fun to talk to

im good with being lots of things
thanks my dude for the support
a total lameo


comically ive always enjoyed internet drama and wandered from piece to piece of it

im a gigantic faggot and drama is my biggest faggotry
boy i love drama

thank goodness im at least making this place have some conversation


We will defend you from your enemies at the low affordable price of your flaccid dick pic.


File: 1610770162965.jpg (26.58 KB, 390x285, this is what winning looks….jpg)

swear this has been posted b4 tbqh

even without defense im fine but ill probs get to it in the timeline of eventually just like my numerous other projects

one day i may even discover life in space


You have low self-esteem.

Psychologists would say "You need to fix that! I'm sure you're a decent person with hidden talents!"

But deep down they're thinking "Fml. I can't tell this guy anything but bullshit."


Discover life in your seed and skip the dick pics and go straight for a fap vid giving this chan a shout out.


A girl once recorded me jacking off. What does that mean?


File: 1610770528363.jpg (542.21 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg)

here's the only FOG lewd known to man, now LEAVE HIM ALONE


Wait, I thought this was that other guy. Steph?


File: 1610770834457.png (578.14 KB, 953x484, steph_dream_come_true.png)

Steph is literally 50 years old. he wish he looked that young.


What about Nero/Noun?


It means FOG needs to post that vid.


Robert is only one corner of the pyramid that is shared with callan and patch. The pedo trio. The goon squad. The goof troop


Nah, Rob and Cal are a monolith and the nemeses of Patch. Patch hates them and vice versa. If anything AJ is part of the triangle.


I highly doubt there are any regular users outside of the usual three. Maybe that indian asdf and the fat texas guy post here but thats it unless you found a new zunko teir individual to fill the akward silence if the three of you sleep at the same time.


that just sounds stupidly insecure.


Im sorry im drunk btw so im not tryin to be mean


Post drunken dick pics as an "accident"


Patch doesnt hate them and they dont hate him. Its just autistic pissing contests. Thats why they post here after pretending they wouldn't. They flip flop because they just say anything to be right in the moment just like patch. Its just about feeling like a winner.


is a fucking loser. nice failed get.



File: 1610771339955.png (1.42 KB, 310x75, ClipboardImage.png)

too late jole, i screencapped it.


Worth a try tbh


I'm not jole but I wish I was.


File: 1610771408326-0.png (165.72 KB, 433x577, shhhh.png)

File: 1610771408326-1.png (754.26 KB, 800x800, jolly_bunch.png)

go back to being AFK, James "Jole" Banks


I don't play AFK Arena.


Wow dont i have egg on my face now.


I guess i have to use a trip since everyone wants to be me.


File: 1610771871689.jpeg (294.93 KB, 1152x2048, DNtnI8YW0AIAffk.jpg_large.jpeg)

you're just that based james


Yeah use a trip jimmy


Ace sent me a message about that weirdo


Tbh im glad i shut down spacechan. Hes an og cuck and a creep


File: 1610772028612.png (369.25 KB, 507x676, spacedies.png)

All the mods from his site recently quit and made their own Leftypol.org because he was never online and never responded to their requests lmao. Sounds familiar.


Rulecucks and hotpockets are visible a mile away as long as you havent clouded your own judgement with bullshit


Not sure how that's relevant to my post but ok.


Im drunk so im replying like your average anon. Im reading your messages but then erasing it and responding to what i made up in its place. Fun right?


What a great Friday! Everyone is drunk tonight!


Really? What u dranking


File: 1610772831354.png (272.86 KB, 400x598, 506317f7a3c5d7a14e11721ddc….png)

Orange juice!


Can Donald Trump run his website on the hosting services?


"fresh out of grade school." Basically, a grade nine, or when someone acts immature. It is interchangeable with the term "niner" only FOG is more fun to say…
-(Let's say Jill is acting immature), One may say, Jill is so FOG.

- All the guys on the rugby team are FOG.


Donald Trump will run his website on darknet like 8kun. He was kicked like 8chan and Parler.

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